Best Rowing Machines For Tall People

As most of you probably know, the rowing machine is considered the best full-body workout machine as it targets 85% of your body muscle, which helps you burn your fat and build your muscle effectively.

However, people with a height of over 6 ft usually find it difficult to find the perfect fitness equipment, especially when it comes to rowing machines, the main reason why you should be on the lookout for the best rowing machines for tall people. 

Even though there are many machines available in the market, not all of them are suitable for your needs.

That’s why in today’s article, We’ve compiled a list of the best rowing machines for tall people based on their features and customer reviews, as well as a buying guide so you can find one that is perfect for you.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

What Are The Best Rowing Machines For Tall People?

These are our list of the best rowing machines for tall people:

1. Concept2 model D Indoor Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine offers a superior cardio workout that is fun, efficient and challenging. 

This rower is absolutely considered to be one of the best rowing machines for bad knees that is going to place less tension on your knees and joints while squeezing the best out of you.

The PM5 Performance Monitor provides the user feedback on stroke rate, pace, distance, and calories burned to keep you motivated and engaged during your workout .

The CONCEPT2 Rower also features an advanced ergonomically designed handle for comfort during use. This helps to stay balanced while working out, plus gives more options when exercising on uneven surfaces or while training at high speeds.

This rower is lightweight, easy to move from places around and comes with a standard 14″ seat height which makes the perfect height for tall dudes with an aluminum I-beam monorail and stainless steel track for a consistent back-and-forth slide. 

The machine can be quickly broken down into two segments for storage or use the included caster wheels for easy transportation.

2. Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine

Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine is a rower designed for home use. It is a portable, foldable rowing machine that has been designed to be easy to set up and use.

Its ergonomic design is designed specifically for working with your feet, knees or hips. This results in less injury and downtime. 

This rower features a built-in device holder which has a handlebar that allows you to easily hold your phone, tablet or other electronic devices while you are rowing. 

The Echelon Rowing Machine features the patented Echelon technology that allows you to control the resistance and incline of the rower, meaning you can adjust the intensity of your workout without having to manually adjust your system.

Moreover, you get access to 32 electronic resistance levels that can be adjusted to the amount of resistance you need.

The Echelon Row is a rower designed for use with the Echelon 12-month Limited Parts and Labor Warranty.

3. NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine 

The NordicTrack RW 900 Rower makes up the best commercial rowing machine with its sturdy, heavy duty construction

With its ergonomic design, this rower not only offers a more comfortable workout, but also provides one of the most effective workouts for your body.

Rowers have been using NordicTrack rowing machines for over a decade and it has become one of the best known and most popular rowers in the world today.

The Nordictrack RW900 rowing machine features a very simple design that is easy to set up and use. It features a full sized rowing seat which makes it very comfortable to sit on and use for trainers with over 6th height.

The NordicTrack RW 900 rowing machine

There are two different types of seat that The NordicTrack rower offers, the standard seat and the extra large

The standard seat is a very comfortable seat for your body that can be adjusted by you as well as all of the other parts of this rower.

When you are using your NordicTrack Rower, there are 26 of Digital Resistance Levels, which means that there will be something for everyone whether they are just starting out or they have been rowing on their for a while.

This rower also features a 30 watt premium sound system in order to provide an excellent experience when you are using this rowing machine so no one will be able to hear what you are doing when you are working out at home or at the gym at all times during your workout session.

4. WaterRower Club Rowing Machine 

The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine has been made for both home and commercial use. It features a sleek design with attractive mahogany wood finishes.

You will enjoy working out with this rowing machine because it includes top quality materials that are meant to last long. 

If you are worried about space issues in your home or gym environment then this machine is ideal for you because it does not require much space to store or operate

It comes with a multi-function monitor that tracks your performance as well as other important details such as speed, stroke rate, heart rate, calories burned, etc

The resistance of this rowing machine impacts how fast you row

Select from mutually compatible rowing machine modes to make it easier on yourself or challenging for a few extra calories burned. 

Race back and forth between intensities as you challenge your body and get fit using an indoor rowing machine with a monitor to help guide your way.


The FITNESS Reality Rower is a great model for tall guys due to its simplicity, adjustability, high level of comfort and stability. 

It is a very well built rower with a sleek design primarily made with beginners in mind, who don’t have any prior experience competing at any kind of high intensity exercise sessions. 

Once you receive this machine, there would be some assembly required but it’s pretty easy to do. 

However, when you do assemble it, make sure the bearings you install go on at exactly right angles so that the wheels roll smoothly. Once it’s together, there’s no assembly required anymore. 

The Fitness Reality 1000 Plus has many features that make it stand out from other machines. It has a large screen display of 5″ (1280 x 720) resolution which can be used with both Android and iOS devices, and which makes it very easy to read even on the small screen of your phone or tablet. 

This is one of the best features of this exercise equipment because you can easily see all your workout data and keep track of your workout without any issues.

The Fitness Reality rower also comes with a free app called MyCloudFitness available on iOS and Android which lets you track your workout results for time, distance and calories burned.

The fitness reality is also one of the best compact rowing machine which comes with a heart rate monitor, which allows you to see how fast or slow your heart rate is throughout your workout. 

All in all, this rowing machine is a great investment for anyone who wants the convenience of an exercise experience whilst not leaving home.

6. WATERROWER A1 Home Rowing Machine

It takes a ton of time and dedication to get the perfect rowing machine that’s comfortable, efficient, and of course with dimensions that are long enough to fit guys that are over 6th height

The WATERROWER A1 Rower does check boxes on all the above features, as it not only looks great, but it feels great to use.

It’s really hard to find flaws in this machine.

If you are looking for something that will be able to do everything you need it to do and probably more, then you have come to the right place.

The WaterRower A1 Home has an easy-to-read LCD screen with digital readout on the left side of the monitor. 

The monitor displays important stats like stroke count, calories burned, average time per stroke and stroke rate along with other information like pace/pace or RPM along with your stroke rate. 

The monitor also has a water level indicator which makes it easy to check on your water level at all times while rowing.

The WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine also comes with a warranty on the structural frame for 5 years from the date of purchase. 

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing machine SF-RW5515

The Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine is a compact foldable fitness equipment that allows you to easily store it in any room of the house.

This machine offers 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance with its built-in transportation wheels that allow for effortless transport from one room to the other.

The large LCD console displays your pace, distance, and time. you can find the perfect setting for your fitness level. 

This machine comes with a high-quality magnetic resistance system that provides you with a smooth and stable workout.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Rower has an ergonomic design that allows you to sit comfortably and get the most out of your workouts.

The extra long slide rail makes it easier to take on those high intensity interval training workouts. Moreover, This rower also features anti-slip handlebars that will keep your hands from slipping off during the most intense rowing sessions.

With the affordable price tag, this is absolutely the best rowing machine under $500 you can find on the market.

Final Thoughts

Fitness is essential for a healthy life, and rowing machines are one of the best ways to get fit and healthy. 

Not only are rowing machines great cardiovascular exercise, but they can also help to build muscle and improve your strength and endurance. 

By going through this list of the best rowing machines for tall people, you can rest assured you get the best machine for your needs and start incorporating rowing workouts in your workout routine.


Can tall people use rowing machines?

Rowing is a sport that is well suited to taller people. Although most indoor rowers are designed for users of average height, there are various models (the ones listed in this article) available for people who are over 6 foot height who want to incorporate an indoor rower into their home gym.

Are long legs good for rowing?

One way to generate more speed on a rowing workout is by increasing the number of strokes, which uses more energy. Folks with longer arms and legs are willing to pull the handle to a greater distance, thus higher power and faster splits.

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