Etrak Treadmill Lube Belt Message

After every 150 miles (240 kilometers), a “LUBE BELT” message will start flashing across your treadmill screen to remind you to lubricate your Etrak treadmill running deck. 

Once you have completed the lubrication, the message will stay on the display, and the treadmill will not operate while the message is showing.

Let’s show you how to reset Etrak treadmill LUBE BELT message in easy to follow steps.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

How To Reset Etrak Treadmill LUBE BELT Message?

male athlete in black tank top using a treadmill

Although Etrak treadmills may differ in model or style, the procedure demonstrated here will be the same. 

Simultaneously press and hold down the Speed up arrow or plus button on the console and the Stop button for five to seven seconds to reset the lube belt message

You should hear the console beeping several times, indicating the lube belt message has been reset and the treadmill returns to the regular display.

If the LUBE BELT message reappears after five miles, reset the message again. This time, try pressing the Speed up arrow or plus button before pressing the Stop button.

Keep holding both buttons until the console starts beeping. 

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