Golds Gym Treadmill Buttons Not Working

Gold’s Gym remains one of the most popular fitness brands when it comes to at home cardio machines. But like any other complicated machines, the console’s electronics may occasionally malfunction.

If your Gold’s Gym treadmill buttons not working, you’re not alone. This is a common issue that many people experience with their treadmill. 

Let’s review some troubleshooting steps to follow in order to identify the issue and potentially provide a solution before calling the manufacturer or a repair person.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Why Are Gold’s Gym Treadmill Console Buttons Not Working?

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There are multiple reasons for a Gold’s Gym treadmill console buttons to stop working and become unresponsive.

All of the functions on the touchscreen (if your treadmill does have one) can work fine and the machine responds as expected, but none or some of the soft buttons placed around the outside perimeter of the console seem to work.

In this instance, the problem might be something you can fix yourself, ranging from simple possibilities such as the console cables becoming loose or damaged, console controller issues, or the power supply not providing the electrical power requirements. To more complex possibilities, such as the console is damaged and needs to be replaced.

The following troubleshooting guides will help you identify and fix your treadmill console.

Golds Gym Treadmill Buttons Not Working – Troubleshooting Guides

1. Peel back the buttons overlays

If problems occur with the buttons on Gold’s Gym console display, the first thing you should do is to peel back the panel coverings on the front of the console, these are the plastic labels for each button.

What you are going to do is peel this overlay back. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer first to soften the glue to make it a bit easier to peel back. 

Use a knife or a flathead screwdriver to lift the side of the panel covering, and make sure to take it slowly so you don’t crease it.

Now test the console buttons. If everything works fine, then replace the cover and test it again. However, if they don’t respond, then move to the next troubleshooting step.

After you replace the panel cover into place, check if the problem is still there. 

If the console buttons are still unresponsive, then the plastic panel covering on the console is damaged and needs to be replaced.

2. Clean the console ribbon cables

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The buttons placed around your Gold’s Gym Treadmill console are fed by ribbon cables. The next step is to disassemble the console and clean these cables.

First unplug and turn off the treadmill, wait for one minute and then unscrew the console’s faceplate.

Remove the console from the frame and remove the back. Next, remove the ribbon cables from the motherboard (they are flat plastic strips that run from the keypads to push into the board).

Clean the ribbon cable connectors with a pencil eraser and an electronics cleaner.

First clean the residue from both sides of the ribbon cables using a pencil eraser. Then clean the eraser residue from the cables using an electronics cleaner.

Do the same for all the ribbon cables.

Next, reattach the console back and calibrate by doing the following:

  1. With the safety key off, press and hold the speed plus and stop buttons at the same time.
  2. Insert the safety key on the console, then release the buttons.
  3. Press the stop key once.
  4. Press the speed up til it reaches 85.
  5. If your max speed is 10 mph then it should read about 9.8-10.2.
  6. If the console keys do not work, then the console is defective and would need to be replaced.

3. Check the console wires connections

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If your treadmill buttons don’t work, there could be a wiring issue. 

Unplug the unit from the outlet before removing the protective covers. Refer to your owner’s manual for the assembly instructions to identify how to access the main wire and console cable. 

With the main wire now accessible, press the wire connectors together to make sure they’re properly connected. Ensure that all the connecting wires aren’t damaged or disconnected. 

Double check that all connections are secure, especially the console cable. Unplug and reconnect the console cable at the top of the console mast .

Next, check the wires pins. These pins sit inside the plastic casing that connects the wire to the display console. Make certain none of the pins have been broken or bent. 

If a bent pin is found, carefully bend it back into place.

Identify and check any pinch points the wire may have. Pinch points are any place the wire moves between two parts. 

If any of the wires are worn or damaged anywhere, submit a customer service request about how to replace them.

If no damage was found, assemble everything back in. Turn on Gold’s Gym treadmill and check if the keys work now.

4. Check the console controller

If the light is powered and you have checked everything above, the issue may be the controller or the console.

First unplug the treadmill from the outlet, wait 60 seconds and then unscrew the console’s faceplate.

Remove the console from the frame and remove the back.

Once you have an eye on the control board, visually examine the control board on the backside of the console if anything is burned out.

After the red LED lights on the motor control board are all off, reconnect any loose wires.

you should see a red LED, if that light doesnt turn on, you may need a new controller.

If no damage was found, assemble everything back in. Plug the machine in and check if the keys work now.

5. Check the outlet

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If the buttons on your Gold’s Gym treadmill are not functioning, always check if your power cable is connected properly to both the electrical outlet and the Treadmill’s deck.

A Gold’s Gym Treadmill console won’t function properly if there is a loose connection. The loose connection usually occurs if the treadmill power cable is not properly plugged into an electric outlet or the power cable is not properly connected to the power brick. 

Next, make sure that the tread is plugged into an outlet that meets its power requirements.

Also make certain that the machine is not plugged into a GFCI outlet.

6. Check the power cord

If the electrical outlet works fine and the outlet meets the power requirements of your treadmill, unplug the machine to inspect the power cord. 

Make sure the cord is connected properly to both the electrical outlet and the Tread’s deck.

Next, check all wires between the power cord connection and the motor control board. Reconnect any loose wires and repair any broken ones.

If the cord has been damaged then you may need to replace it with a new one.

Final Tip

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If none of the above fixes work, then you need to contact the Member Support Team of your Gold’s Gym treadmill. They will help you diagnose the problem and offer solutions.

If your treadmill is still under warranty, the manufacturer may cover the cost to repair your machine. 

However, if you attempt to fix the tread yourself while it is under warranty, then you may void the warranty. 

In this case, only perform the troubleshooting tips recommended by your manufacturer.


A treadmill console keys are an important part of exercising safely. You can use them to manually adjust things like speed, resistance and incline, and also useful for watching your progress while exercising.

After today’s article, you will be willing to know the reason why your Gold’s Gym treadmill buttons not working and take the necessary steps to fix them.

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