How To Calibrate Sole F63 Treadmill?

Sole Fitness manufacturer makes high-end treadmills with a lot of fantastic features that are designed to be used in the home.

Sometimes running on your Sole F63 feels more difficult, other times easier than running at the exact same pace outdoors or on a different treadmill.

If you are getting a significant speed difference on your F63 treadmill and want to get an accurate measurement of your workouts, you are in the right place.

Let’s dive into today’s guide on how to calibrate Sole F63 treadmill speed and incline systems to start getting accurate metrics and get the most out of your workouts.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Why Calibrate Your Sole F63 Treadmill?

Sole treadmill picture from my home gym set up

If you are training for a specific goal and some of your training is on a treadmill, it is important to know exactly how fast you are running.

Sometimes your tread speed seems inaccurate. Either the speed on the display is slow or faster than it actually is. Which requires a calibration to your machine. 

Sole F63 calibration is a process that is used to correct imbalances in the machine’s operating speed and incline systems. The procedure involves pushing the machine to its maximum speed very quickly.

The calibration allows you to accurately register the incline and speed feedback of your treadmill monitor.

You would also want to calibrate your Sole F63 tread after installing any new controller, motor, or console unit.

Sole fitness treadmill owners are also advised to recalibrate the tread any time you move or adjust your treadmill. 

How To Calibrate Sole F63 Treadmill?

a Proform treadmill picture in an empty room

To start the calibration process. First,  plug in your treadmill, do not stand on the walking belt while performing this procedure.

Next, you need to enter calibration mode on the F63 console. To do this, press and hold the Start and Fast key and insert the safety key onto the console. This will cause the machine to go into calibration mode. 

Continue to hold the Start and Fast key until the window displays “Factory settings”.

After this has occurred, you may let go of the buttons and the safety key, then press the enter key.

You will now be able to set the display to show Metric or English settings. To do this
press the up or down key to show which you want, then press enter.

Next, make sure the wheel size diameter is 2.30. Press enter.

Adjust the minimum speed (if needed) to 0.5. Press enter.

Adjust the maximum speed (if needed) to 12.0 and then press enter.

Make sure the maximum elevation is set to 15. Then press enter.

Last but not least, press start to begin calibration. Make sure to not stand on the walking belt while performing this procedure.

Now the Sole F63 will go to its maximum speed, which will also be displayed on the console. 

The incline motor will also go all the way up to the maximum incline and come all the way down to the level position. 

If you have a problem with anything, an error code will be displayed on the console.

After the necessary adjustment has been made, plug in and turn on Sole F63 treadmill, push Start button to start using your Sole tread again.


Sole F63 treadmill calibration allows you to accurately register the incline and speed feedback of your treadmill monitor. 

Key elements when calibrating your treadmill are patience and care. Loosen or tighten in small increments in order to accurately and safely calibrate your machine.

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