How To Change Horizon Treadmill From Miles To Km?

Horizon is arguably one of the most popular fitness brands when it comes to at home cardio machines. 

Horizon treadmills delivered in the US are usually set to display your speed in miles per hour. However, switching the distance format display is usually as simple as pushing a button. 

Let’s show you how to change a Horizon treadmill from miles to Km in today’s article.

Horizon treadmill 7.0 AT picture

The detailed procedure to change the measuring standards on your Horizon model is given in the user manual.

To change your Horizon treadmill’s readout, you must access the Console Settings first. These are the sequence of buttons to access the tread settings:

After you insert the key to the console and turn on Horizon treadmill, press down and hold the Incline Up (+) and Speed Down (-) keys simultaneously for 5 seconds.   

Next, navigate to ENG3 by pressing the up and down arrows and hit ENTER. Then scroll to P1 and hit Enter.

The distance data can be set to either English or metric measurements. Use the Speed/Incline up or down to select the system of measurement you want and press Enter.

By following these steps, you now changed the console measurement settings of your Horizon treadmill. 

If somehow the process will failed, the display will revert to the start-up screen. Remove the safety and repeat the process over again.

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