How To Clean Precor Treadmill Belt?

Treadmills are one of the items in your home that can collect a lot of dust and dirt underneath the walking belt surface.

As the dirt and debris keeps accumulating, it begins to eliminate the effectiveness of the lubrication system that’s on your machine and causes the belt to create too much friction.

The best way to keep your Precor Treadmill in top running condition is by regularly cleaning it. Let’s show you a very quick tip on how to clean a Precor treadmill belt before you lubricate it.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

How To Clean Precor Treadmill Belt? (Instructions Guide)

The running belt is the main component on your Precor treadmill. It is important to regularly clean it to ensure its longevity while preventing potential issues from happening.

But before you begin, start by unplugging the power cord at the wall outlet.

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There are basically two methods to remove dust and debris from your Precor treadmill’s belt. Whichever way you decide to go, the most important thing is to be safe and careful. 

Method #1

Take a dry towel that’s long enough to fit underneath the running belt width then push it through. It’s nice to have someone else to support you during the process. 

You can use a long ruler, a stick, anything flat to assist you on getting the towel through.

Once you get the towel between the belt and the deck, go ahead and hold the belt tight on both sides of the machine so it can’t move, then turn on Precor treadmill and allow the belt to run around for a few turns.

Next, stop the treadmill and pull the towel through. 

Method #2

Using an anti-static duster, remove any accumulated dust from the walking belt. It’s also a good idea to vacuum around your treadmill deck as well as dusting the deck itself. 

Try to dust any accessible areas around and beneath the belt to avoid dust buildup.

After thoroughly dusting the running belt, use a slightly dampened washcloth with warm water to wipe down the entire belt surface

Do not use it underneath the belt, because there is silicone oil under there that you do not want to remove. 

Make certain there’s not too much water to make it start dripping. 

Slowly rotate the belt surface manually as you go to make sure that you are getting every inch of it. 

Once you are finished, dry the treadmill belt with a paper towel to remove any extra moisture left behind, again moving the belt by hand to ensure all areas are dry.

What Is The Best Cleaner For Precor Treadmill Belt?

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Just like every piece of exercise equipment, Precor treadmill maintenance may be needed to keep your exercise equipment operating under good conditions. 

Here’s the best cleaner that has been specifically designed for gym equipment to clean the bacteria and other gross build-up on your treadmill:

Treadmill Doctor Treadmill Belt Cleaner 

Treadmill Doctor cleaner is a great way to keep your Precor treadmill belt surface clean and running under good conditions. 

The bottle comes with 8fl ounces of cleaner that contains no harsh chemicals to use to safely clean the surface of your belt. Just spray on the Treadmill cleaner and wipe it away and the machine will start to run smoothly.

With an included spray nozzle, you can simply use it just like you would any household spray bottle to extend the life of your treadmill.

How Often To Clean Precor Treadmill Belt?

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One of the most common causes of premature deck and belt wear is the accumulation of dirt and debris. For this reason, even the best quality treadmills need regular cleanings. 

Cleaning a Precor treadmill is entirely dependent on the treadmill use and its placement in your house. If the treadmill is placed where it can easily accumulate dust, then it should be cleaned on a weekly basis.

On the opposite hand, if you don’t use the machine that much or have it in a closed area, then it’s something that can be done every two weeks or so.

You should also clean the machine every week and before you lubricate Precor treadmill or so as part of your general treadmill maintenance to keep its functionality. 

One major thing to keep in mind is that, the longer you wait between a cleaning routine, the more oil will get contaminated with dust and dirt.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, a regular cleaning routine to your Precor treadmill running belt will help increase the longevity of the machine for many years to come, and prevent it from shutting down or causing any expensive repairs.

You should also take the time to clean and carefully dust the motor area on your treadmill about once a year. Just make sure to refer to the owner manual of your specific Precor treadmill model and follow the instructions provided so as to avoid damage to the motor or any related parts.

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