How To Disassemble Peloton Treadmill?

Are you planning to transport or move a Peloton treadmill to a different place? If so, then you probably know that you need to take the tread apart for easy transportation. 

However, it can be daunting, sometimes intimidating to take apart the treadmill. If you are going quick with the breakdown process, you may damage the unit and keep it from functioning properly.  

If that is your concern, let’s dive right into today’s guide on how to disassemble Peloton treadmill and safely move it to its new location or perform an in-depth cleaning to the machine.

Can Peloton Treadmills Be Disassembled?

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Peloton treadmills, like any other complicated machines, can be dismantled, but the process is not an easy task. You need to be extremely careful doing this type of job.

The most common reason why you might want to disassemble a Peloton machine is to move it to a new location.

In order to relocate the treadmill, you would want to dismantle it first. But you must consider where you want to move it and whether or not it will fit well in the new space before you disassemble your treadmill.  

Taking a Peloton treadmill apart will save you so much time and energy and make it much easier to handle the awkward shape of the machine.

Basically, what you will be doing is taking the console off the handrails and then detaching the handrails from the base mounts and the base mounts from the frame, leaving you with four separate pieces.

Tools needed to take apart a Peloton tread

Before you take apart your treadmill and break it down into smaller pieces, the first step is to gather all the necessary tools. To disassemble the treadmill, you are going to need:

How To Take Apart Peloton Treadmill? (Instructions Guide)

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Consider taking photos of your machine from all angles while it’s still assembled. This will show you exactly how things should look when it comes time to reassemble. 

Here is your step by step guide on how to take peloton treadmill apart:

STEP 1: Disconnect the power source 

Before you start the dismantling process, set the treadmill incline to the lowest level possible and unplug the tread from the wall outlet to turn off Peloton treadmill.

This process is important because it helps to protect you from possible electrocution.

STEP 2: Remove the screen

To remove the Peloton tread touchscreen, pull off the monitor mount cap and the back cover.

Gently pull apart to disconnect the Smart Card cable from the touchscreen and the U-rail.

Remove all the four mounting screws that hold the screen in place, then lift it off the mount and place it aside.

Then you can gently remove the top panel and cover it with a plastic bubble wrap and tape it so that it is secure for your move. 

STEP 3: Remove the U-rail

Peloton treadmill unplugged from the wall outlet in a blue colored room

The next step is to remove the U-rail. Start by snapping off the elbow covers, and disconnect two cables at the right elbow.

Have someone support the U-rail as you unscrew and remove the bolts on either side of the U-rail and place them in a plastic bag. 

Gently remove the treadmill U-rail and wrap those in a plastic wrap. 

STEP 4: Remove the uprights

First unscrew and remove the front end caps, and find where the uprights attach into the base mounts which are attached to the walking platform frame. 

Unscrew the six bolts from the right upright. Remove the upright from the deck and unplug two cable connectors.

Next, unscrew the six bolts from the left upright and remove the upright from the deck.

It’s also helpful to have a second person holding the uprights as you unscrew and remove the screws. This way, the uprights and frame will not fall.

Once you’ve disassembled any removable parts from your treadmill, you are now left with the main frame base of your Peloton treadmill as one large item. 

Make sure that you have collected all of the nuts and bolts and put them in a clear plastic bag so you can easily reattach once moved. 


Peloton is arguably one of the most popular fitness brands when it comes to at home cardio machines. They are suitable for both home and commercial use. 

With all the aforementioned information, you will be willing to know how to take a Peloton treadmill apart and safely transport it to its new location.

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