How To Make Concept 2 Rower Quieter?

Concept2 rowing machines can be very loud when in operation, especially as higher-end machines that have a fan built into the flywheel. 

In addition to creating noise that may be bothersome, this noise can also be detrimental to your fitness routine. If you are looking for ways to make your Concept2 rower quieter, this article is for you.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

crossfitter exercising on a concept2 rowing machine in a commercial gym

These are some tips and tricks that can help reduce the noise produced by the Concept2 rowers:

1. Use Protective Floor Mats

concept2 rowing machine front on a rubber protective flooring mat

You can try using a protective rubber mat underneath the erg which can help absorb a lot of sound.

A floor mat will reduce the noise that the flywheel makes when it is spinning. 

Rowing on a wooden floor can cause some vibration and actually enhance the amount of noise created. That’s why it is highly recommended to place a Rubber protective floor mat to absorb the sound and vibration created by the Concept2 machines.

Apart from protecting your machine against vibration and reducing the loud noise, a good flooring mat will also prevent damage to your floor, and stop particles such as dust and carpet fibers getting into your machine.

These are the best floor mat for concept 2 rower to consider using:

Concept 2 Rower Mat

This flooring protective mat has been made primarily for Concept2 rowing machines. 

Well constructed with high Density Materials with 3mm in thickness to ensure there are no scratches or marks left in the floor due to rowing movement.

The Concept2 rower mat will also help reduce the air resistance loud sound produced during your rowing session.

MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat

The MotionTex mat is a great product to use to protect your flat pile carpet and hard wooden floors from damage, noise, and vibration caused by your fitness equipment.

It has been designed with non-absorbent recycled PVC to repel water, sweat, grease, and other liquids during your intense rowing workout.

2. Lower The Dampener Lever

A flywheel is like a fan on a car. It spins at a high RPM, which creates a lot of noise. It is like a window on a car that you can close when you are not using the car. 

The damper setting on the Concept2 is the adjustable lever on the side of the flywheel housing (fab cage) that controls how much air flows into the cage. 

It moves up and down between 1 and 10. When the tab is at 1, it limits the amount of air allowed into the fan blade; at a 10 it allows all the air into the fan blade.

The Higher damper settings allow more air into the flywheel housing. While lower damper settings allow less air into the flywheel housing, making it easier to spin the flywheel.

It is highly recommended to set the Concept2 damper setting quite low to allow less air to pass, thus less noise to be created.

3. Schedule Your Workouts

small white clock grabbed in a white background

Try to make your exercise sessions until you know your family or neighbors won’t be home.

For example, if you get home at 4:30 and you know your neighbor gets home around 6:00, then working out as soon as you get home would be the best thing to do.

If you consider yourself a more advanced rower, you can try scheduling your high-intensity workouts for these times.

4. Set the Handle Height

One of the best ways to reduce the noise made by your Concept2 machine is to set the handle height appropriately. 

If you adjust the handle height to be lower than normal, the flywheel will cause less noise while in use

If you set the handle height higher than normal, the flywheel will cause a bit more noise while in use. 

If the handle height on your rowing machine is unusually high, it will cause the flywheel to spin at a higher RPM, which will make the noise that it makes louder.

Lowering the handle height on your Concept2 rowing machine will reduce this noise.

5. Decrease the Stroke Rate

Stroke rate is the number of strokes (the handle is pulled back and released) you take per minute.

The slower the stroke rate is, the quieter the machine will be. 

Bringing your Concept2 rower stroke rate lower will cause the machine flywheel to turn at a slower speed, which will cause less noise while in use.

6. Add Additional Sound Dampening

Another way to reduce the noise made by your rowing machine is to put a sheet or towel under the footpads of the machine. 

The dampeners in the footpads will reduce the noise that the machine makes when you step on the footpads.

Wrapping up

The CONCEPT2 rowing machine is a great option for those looking for the best rowing machine for short people on the market today.

However, the air resistance makes it such a loud machine due to the type of construction and internal components.

There are many ways to make your Concept2 rowing machine quieter.

Some of these include using protective floor mats, lowering the dumpper lever, scheduling your intense workouts to the right times, lowering the handle height, and installing an additional sound dampener. 

By changing any of these settings, you can make your rowing machine quieter.


Is the Concept2 rower loud?

The Concept 2 is an air resistance rowing machine, so it’s going to be noisy and loud during the workout. But it makes a great addition to any home gym if it is not something that concerns you.

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