How To Move a Precor Treadmill?

There will come a time when you need to move your treadmill somewhere, whether it is to a different room in your house or into another location altogether.

If you are simply moving your Precor treadmill across the floor, you can easily do it all by yourself with the built in transport wheels on the feet.

However, in most cases, you do need to take the machine hardware apart to make it easier to maneuver through hallways and doorways.

In today’s article, we will show you how to move a Precor treadmill safely from one spot to another and give you several tips to help streamline the transportation process.

Let’s get right into it!

What Is The Best Way to Move a Precor Treadmill?

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First you need to determine what kind of move you’ll be doing. If you’re going across the room or staying on the same floor, you’ll only need to use the built in wheels to move it across the floor as a whole. 

This allows you to simply tilt the machine and push it to your desired space. You likely won’t need a dolly or change anything about the unit.

The advantage of this method is that it involves fewer steps and very little mess. However, it is a bit harder and trickier than the other method due to the constant presence of the moving parts.

You’re also more likely to scratch your hardwood floors in pushing or pulling your machine.

The second method is going to require you to take your Precor treadmill apart to ease the moving process. 

Disassembling your treadmill as much as possible will make it much easier to pack and move.

Precor treadmills can be easily broken down into smaller pieces. Basically, what you will be doing is taking the console and the handrails off and then detaching the uprights from the frame, leaving you with four separate pieces.

In this instance you will most likely need a furniture dolly to move the treadmill to your desired location. Just make sure the equipment is centered on the dolly, and the weight is evenly distributed.

How To Prepare a Precor Treadmill for Moving?

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If you’re not carefully taking the proper precautions when transporting your Precor treadmill with its tricky heavy construction, you not only are going to cause yourself some possible injury, but you can also end up breaking the equipment.

These are a few steps to consider taking to prepare your treadmill equipment for moving:

1. Clear your path

This step is highly important no matter where you’re planning to take the machine. Neglecting this step may result in injury for you and the people you’re with, as well as damage to the machine and other surfaces if it falls or gets in touch with during the transportation.

If your path to the treadmill’s new place has many obstacles, you will need to clear out all objects that might obstruct you during the process. Your doorway might be too narrow to fit the treadmill through, so you may need to remove the door for smooth passage. 

Also take care of any lights or fixtures on the walls to make sure your treadmill won’t damage these things as you move it.

2. Dismantle your treadmill

Unplug the treadmill and make certain the cord is safely out of the way. Remove the safety key. 

If you’re dismantling the deck from the mainframe to relocate it, get on how to take apart a Precor treadmill guide and make sure to keep all of the nuts and bolts in a clear plastic bag so you can easily reattach once moved. 

3. Have an Assistant

The moving process is definitely a two-person job, so make sure you have at least one person or two to assist you in order to safely move the machine.

4. Utilize proper lifting techniques

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When doing heavy lifting of any kind, it can be easy to cop out and let your back bear most of the weight. You should avoid this approach at all costs.

Lifting the machine with your back is never a good idea. You may suffer a significant injury. 

Instead, you must raise the treadmill weight up through your legs and let them shoulder most of the load. This will help keep your center of gravity low and remain balanced while holding the machine whether you use a furnishing dolly or want to transport it on your own.

Tools You Need To Move a Precor Tread

Here’s what you’ll need to move your Precor treadmill:   

How To Move a Precor Treadmill? (Instructions Guide)

Once you have disassembled your Precor treadmill, the next critical step is transporting it safely to your desired location. 

Typically, there are two different methods to relocate a Precor treadmill, 

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1. Rolling the Treadmill

Unfortunately, Precor treadmill does not fold up. But the large built in wheels on the front of the deck make it possible to lift and roll it as far as possible on the same level without using a dolly. 

First unplug the machine from the outlet, and Make certain the cord is safely out of the way.

When you are lifting the treadmill onto its wheels, make sure you keep an equal balance on them to keep the machine moving in one direction and not tip to one side. 

After you dismantle the machine (you can move it as it is if you want to), you can roll your Precor equipment to your desired location doing the following:

  • With one person standing by the console and gripping the upright bars by his hands then slowly pulling the treadmill forward and down, the other will grab the underneath side of the belt section and carefully tip back the treadmill until it’s balanced on its wheels. You might want someone else to help you tip the treadmill.
  • Make sure to keep a firm grip on the treadmill at all times. 
  • Slowly walk the treadmill towards the next room or location you would like to take it.
  • Make sure the person who is walking backward is guided away from any obstacles to avoid damaging the walls or floor.
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2. Using a Furniture Dolly

If you are moving your treadmill for a long distance, you may need to use a furniture dolly. It can really help ease the relocation process. 

You can get one for about $20 or rent it out for a day.

Moving a Precor treadmill will require you to load it onto a furniture dolly and transport it to the new desired location. 

The tips below should help you move your Precor treadmill:

  • Be extremely cautious dealing with the frame, as it’s the heaviest, bulkiest part of the machine.
  • Keep yourself upright and ensure that you lift the machine with your legs to prevent back injuries.
  • Don’t forget to cover the equipment in moving blankets to protect it while it’s in transport.

Once you load the machine, make sure the equipment is centered on the dolly, and the weight is evenly distributed.

You can also add another strap to secure the treadmill to the back of the dolly or ask your assistant to hold it from the side as you walk to its next location.

If your treadmill is going into a moving truck, place it in a secure, snug area with a moving blanket underneath it.

How To Move a Precor Treadmill Upstairs?

You should not attempt to move your Precor treadmill upstairs by yourself. It can be incredibly dangerous and may lead to serious injury. Make sure you have at least one person, preferably two to help you. 

enduring man running fast on a treadmill

Dismantle and wrap the treadmill pieces in moving blankets to protect them when it’s moving.

Lift the treadmill frame/parts with the other person. Let the stronger one lift the heaviest end of the treadmill. Make certain to raise the weight up through your legs to prevent putting too much strain on the lower back and getting injured.

When everything is up and ready, carry the wrapped treadmill slowly up the stairs one step at a time. Keep your momentum forward as much as possible to avoid falling backward.

Once up the stairs, carry the unit to the desired location, lower gently and reassemble/unfold.

How To Move Precor Treadmill Downstairs 

Moving a Precor treadmill downstairs will be slightly easier but is still a two-men’s job. 

As you won’t have the liberty of using a furniture dolly, you will have two options here to follow. Either take apart the machine to ease the moving process, or move your treadmill without disassembling.

The steps below should help you move your Precor treadmill downstairs:

If you do take apart the tread, cover the treadmill pieces in moving blankets to protect it when it’s moving.

When everything is up and ready, carry the machine with your assistance and move slowly and carefully one step at a time when going down the stairs. Make sure the path down the stairs is clear of obstacles. 

The person carrying the heavier end should guide the other down, talking through each step towards the lower floor. 

Final Thoughts

It might seem daunting, sometimes intimidating to move a Precor treadmill, but it’s much easier than you think.

With all the aforementioned information, you will be willing to know how to move a Precor treadmill and safely transport it to its new location.

Just make sure to get another person to help you, preferably two when lifting such heavy equipment.

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