How To Reset Sole E95 Elliptical?

You have purchased your Sole E95 elliptical second hand and you want to return your machine to its original factory settings, which is the ideal thing to do.

You may also want to reset your Sole Fitness elliptical if you’re selling, giving it away, or simply because the elliptical incline ramp stops functioning properly as it is the case with most cross trainers. 

Today’s article covers everything you need to know about how to reset your Sole E95 elliptical in 3 steps.

What causes the Sole E95 elliptical to need a reset?

sole e95 elliptical machine picture from my garage gym

Sole Fitness makes many great fitness machines, including treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals.

A Sole E95 elliptical would need a reset for any number of reasons. To increase the difficulty of your workout you can increase the incline ramp, sometimes this functionality might stop working properly. In this instance it will require a reset.

Another reason for wanting to reset your Sole Fitness machine is if the console starts acting up and not working accordingly.

The final case would be if you have purchased your Sole E95 elliptical second hand or you are about to sell it and you want to delete the machine workout history and reset it to its original calibration.

Sole E95 resetting process can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour depending on the model and how many programs you have saved. 

You’ll only need 30 seconds of that time if you don’t have any saved programs. 

3 Easy Steps To Reset Your Sole E95 Elliptical 

In order to initiate the recalibration process on a Sole E95 elliptical trainer, you need to use a button combination on the console. 

The Sole E95 elliptical console has built-in maintenance/diagnostic software. This software will allow you to change the console settings from English to Metric and turn off the beeping of the speaker.

sole-fitness-e35 elliptical machine from my home gym setup


To enter the Maintenance Menu (may be called Engineering Mode, depending on the version), Press and hold down the Start, Stop and Enter keys and keep holding them for about 5 seconds, and the Message Window will display “Engineering Mode“.

Step 2

Press the Enter button to access the menu below, then use the arrow keys to select FUNCTIONS.


Select the ODO RESET option on the screen and press Enter to perform a full reset to the odometer. 

Next, Turn on Sole E95 elliptical again, and you’ll now be back to using the machine with brand new default settings.


Resetting an elliptical machine should be done every time you want to start using it again with brand new default settings.

When you reset your Sole E95 elliptical, you will be returning the machine to its original factory settings. 

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