How To Turn Off iFiT On NordicTrack Treadmill?

NordicTrack treadmills remain to be one of the most popular fitness equipment, whether used in the gym or at home. It’s loved by both beginners and professionals for maintaining fitness and health.

NordicTrack also offers iFit technology, which allows you to track your progress, get personalized workouts, and more. But what if you don’t want or can’t afford iFit? Then most likely you are wondering how to disable iFiT feature on your treadmill.

Well, in today’s article we are going to show you how to turn off iFiT on NordicTrack treadmill. And how to run your equipment without an iFiT membership.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Can You Use a NordicTrack Treadmill Without iFIT?

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You are not required to have an iFit subscription to use any NordicTrack exercise equipment. 

However, you will need a paid subscription to access iFIT’s full workout library.

With an iFit subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to all of iFit’s incredible, trainer-led content. 

Workouts include high-energy studio workouts and global workout content, so you can get the best personal training right in your home.

If you are not interested in using these features or can’t afford iFIT monthly subscription fee, you can use your NordicTrack treadmill in manual mode.

All NordicTrack machines have manual controls that you can use to adjust the speed, incline, and resistance. 

You would also have access to built-in workout programs that will give you a small selection of onboard workouts to choose from. 

How To Turn Off iFiT On NordicTrack Treadmill?

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To turn off iFiT on your NordicTrack machine, you first need to cancel your iFiT membership in order to start using the built-in workout programs.

Here is how to cancel iFiT subscription:

  1. Log in to your account at If you have purchased your iFiT subscription through the App Store or Google Play, you’ll need to cancel it through the app settings on your phone.
  2. Hover over your name in the top right corner, then click “Settings.”
  3. On the left side, click “Membership Plan.
  4. Scroll to the bottom, then click “End Benefits.”
  5. Click “Continue” to End Benefits until the “Confirm Your Membership Cancellation” pops up, then click “End Membership.”

Now your iFiT membership is no longer active. You can start running your NordicTrack machine in manual mode.

To use your machine in Manual Mode, Simply turn on NordicTrack treadmill, push the “Start” button on your treadmill to begin a workout in manual mode. You can also press the manual button on the console to activate this mode.

Now you’ll be able to manually adjust your workout settings, and your tread screen will display an oval racetrack or similar graphic as you work out.

Final Thoughts

With an iFiT membership on your NordicTrack treadmill, you’ll have unlimited access to all of iFit’s incredible, trainer-led content. 

It is quite easy to turn off iFiT on a NordicTrack treadmill, and in just a couple of seconds, you can start using your machine in the free manual mode without ever worrying about paying a monthly subscription fee.

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