How To Turn Off Proform R10 Rower?

Probably you may be wondering how to turn off a Proform R10 rower after you are done exercising on it.

Well, today’s article will show you exactly how you can do so.

You can also have a look at this detailed guide on how to turn on a Proform rower and safely start using it.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Do I need to turn my Proform machine off?

Proform rowing machines are designed to be left in between uses. 

Staying on will allow the machine to receive and install any needed software updates in the background while still connected to your network.

How To Turn Off Proform R10 Rower?

There are two ways that you can use to turn off your Proform R10 rowing machine. 

The first and the easiest one would be to:

1. Stop Rowing

a picture of proform rowing machine from my garage gym

When you are finished exercising on your Proform machine, the console will turn off automatically. 

If the row bar does not move for several seconds, the console will pause and the time will flash in the display. 

And if the row bar does not move for several minutes and any buttons are not pressed, the console will turn off and the display will be reset. 

However, this is not going to be the same case if the demo mode is turned on. The console will not turn off and the display will not be reset when you stop exercising. 

Here is how to turn off the demo mode:

The currently selected demo mode option will appear in the display. The demo mode is designed to be used if the rower is displayed in a store. 

In order to turn it off, simply press the Quick Resistance increase button repeatedly to select a demo mode option

Then select DOFF to turn off the demo mode.

2. Unplug The Power Cord

The next method is to turn off the machine completely by unplugging the power source.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it is still the most effective and safest way to power off your rower.

Proform highly recommends unplugging the power adapter, especially if you are intending to store the rower for an extended period of time. The electrical components on the rower may wear prematurely as a consequence of not unplugging the rower.

How To Store a Proform Rowing R10 Machine?

a picture of proform rowing machine from my garage gym

The Proform rower can be stored in a folded position to conserve space. 

After unplugging the power adapter, here is how to store the rower: 

  1. First slide the Seat to the rear of the Rail. 
  2. Next, hold and lift the Frame Handle and the Rail Handle, and tip the rower forward onto the Shields and the Storage Feet. 
  3. Then, pull the Rail Handle inward until the Folding Clamp engages the bar on the Stabilizer.

Bottom Line

Proform R10 rowing machines is one of the best rowing machine for short people on the market today.

All you need to do in order to safely and successfully turn off your Proform R10 rower is either stop exercising on the machine and the console will automatically shut down after several minutes of inactivity, or you can directly unplug the power adapter.

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