How To Turn On Proform Elliptical?

Proform is one of the most popular fitness brands in North America, well-known for building quality ellipticals. 

If you have never used a Proform elliptical machine before, chances are you don’t know how to operate it.

Well, the process is so easy and only takes less than a minute.  

Follow this step by step guide on how to turn on Proform elliptical and successfully start using it for the first time. As well as a list of reasons why your Proform Elliptical doesn’t turn on, and how to fix it.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

How To Turn On ProForm Elliptical? Step-By-Step

a picture of proform elliptical machine from my home gym

The first step to turn on the Proform elliptical is to,

1. Plug In The Power Cord

Before committing this step, this product must be earthed. 

If it should malfunction or break down, earthing provides a path of least resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electric shock. 

This product’s power cord has an equipment-earthing conductor and an earthing plug. 

Here is how to plug in the Proform power cord:

Simply plug the power cord into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded accordingly (the outlet must be on a nominal 120-volt circuit).

A temporary adapter may be used to connect the power cord to a 2-pole receptacle if a properly grounded outlet is not available.  

2. Switch The Power Button Into A Reset Position

After you finish plug in the power cord. 

Simply locate the power switch on the frame near the power cord. 

If you are having trouble finding it, just follow the power cord to where it inserts into the elliptical, and you will find it right next to it.

Turn the power switch to the reset position. The display will then turn on and the console will be ready for use. 

If it is the first time you are turning on the power, the incline system may calibrate automatically. The ramp will move upward and downward as it calibrates. 

When the ramp stops moving, the incline system is calibrated. 

3. Start exercising

trainer wearing white tshirt exercising on an elliptical machine

To mount the elliptical, just hop into the machine, hold the handlebars or the upper body arms and step onto the pedal that is in the lower position. 

Then, step onto the other pedal and start moving the pedals until they begin to move with a continuous motion

The Proform pedals can turn in either direction. 

However, it is recommended that you turn the pedals in the direction shown by the arrow.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Your  Proform Elliptical?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that you can use to connect your elliptical machine to your phone or other device. This way, you can listen to music or other audio files, send or receive phone calls, and use other apps on your phone while exercising

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for your model of elliptical machine to learn how to turn on Bluetooth. 

With most machines, you’ll need to pair your device with the machine so they can communicate with one another. 

Here is how to turn on Bluetooth on a Proform elliptical:

  1. Set the device you want to connect on the console.
  2. Press the Bluetooth button that can be easily reached on the console so you can turn it on or off whenever you’d like. Then the machine will automatically pair to your device.

Once your devices are paired, you can use your elliptical to listen to music, send or receive phone calls, or use other apps on your device. 

You can also use your phone to track your progress, calories burned, and other information about your workout.

How To Use Proform Elliptical Without iFiT?

proform elliptical machine in my home gym setup

You do not need to purchase an iFit membership to use a Proform elliptical machine

However, you will need a paid subscription to access iFIT’s full workout library.

With an iFit subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to all of iFit’s incredible, trainer-led content. 

Workouts include high-energy studio workouts and global workout content, so you can get the best personal training right in your home.

If you are not interested in using these features or can’t afford iFIT monthly subscription fee, you can use your machine in manual mode and run a small selection of onboard pre-installed limited workouts.

Why Is My Proform Elliptical Won’t Turn On?

The elliptical machine is a complex piece of machinery. From the motors that drive the pedals to the computer chip inside, every part is designed with specific functions in mind. 

When one part fails, others are negatively impacted as well. 

These are some things to check in order to figure out what’s wrong with your machine before calling a repair technician.

But before you jump right into trying troubleshooting tips or trying to figure out what’s wrong with your elliptical, make sure there isn’t something else wrong that could cause your machine to not work. 

The first thing you should do is check if your machine is plugged into an outlet and the cord is securely attached. 

Check if everything that touches the pedals is in good working order. The belt is tight, and the Pulley is in good shape. 

1. Check the drive belt

proform elliptical machine 6.0 ET on a rubber floor matt

The belt is the part that connects the pedals to the drive system. 

If the elliptical drive belt is no longer in good shape, it will cause the pedals to get stuck. This will cause your elliptical to not work. 

The best way to check if the belt is worn is to look at the belt from above. If there are noticeable grooves “wear spots” in the belt, your belt is worn. 

The grooves will cause the belt to slip on the pulleys inside, which will cause your elliptical to stop working. 

How to replace the elliptical machine drive belt?

To replace your belt, follow the steps below: 

  1. Unplug your elliptical. This will prevent any accidents. 
  2. Remove the cover plates off the back of the machine. 
  3. Unplug the motor cable from the motor. 
  4. Remove the cover off the flywheel. 
  5. Now you can remove the belt. 
  6. Replace the belt and re-install the cover plates.

2. Check the screws

The next thing you should check is to ensure that all the screws that hold the machine together are tight. 

The best way to check if the screws are tight enough is to go back to the front of the machine and check the level of the screws. 

If any of them is loose, then the machine will not work correctly. 

If you find any loose screws, then tighten them up before moving on to the next tip. The easiest way to do this is with a screwdriver. 

But before you tighten screws, make sure not to turn them too far. 

The screws should just be snug enough for the machine to operate without falling apart. 

Here are the steps to follow to check if the screws are tight enough:  

  1. Unplug your elliptical. This will prevent any accidents. 
  2. Remove the cover plates off the back of the machine. 
  3. Now you can access the front and back of the flywheel.

3. Check the power plug

sole e95 elliptical machine on a black rubber floor matt

The next thing you should check is to make sure the plug on the cord is firmly seated in the outlet. 

Sometimes when the cord gets lodged in the outlet, this can cause your machine to stop working. 

If you find that your machine is not turning on because of an outlet issue, here is what to do:

  1. Unplug your elliptical. 
  2. This will prevent any accidents. 
  3. Unplug the cord from the outlet. 
  4. Pull out any excess cord.  
  5. Re-insert the plug into the outlet.

4. Check for mechanical issues

If none of the above have worked to fix your Proform Elliptical, you’ll have to check the mechanical nature of your machine to see if there is a problem. 

There could be a problem with the gear train and flywheel inside your machine. 

When you turn the pedals, the gear train inside may not be turning the flywheel fast enough, as this will cause your machine to not work correctly. 

To fix this problem, follow these steps: 

  1. Unplug your elliptical. This will prevent any accidents.  
  2. Remove the cover plates off the back of the machine.  
  3. Now you’ll need to disconnect the electrical components from the drive system. 
  4. You may need to remove the console from the machine. 
  5. Now you can reach the gears inside the gear train and the flywheel.

Final tip

a repair technician working on his laptop

If none of the above have worked for you, then you’ll have to call a repair technician. 

There could be a problem with the gear train and flywheel inside your machine, or there could be a problem with the console. 

If you decide to call a service technician, make sure you have all of your receipts, parts, manuals, and other paperwork ready to hand over. 

Also, make sure you know exactly what the service person needs to see. 

Also keep in mind that waiting a few days for a repair technician can save you money. If your machine needs to be ordered out, the technician may be able to get the part on the same day, or the same week.

Bottom Line

There are a number of steps to take in order to safely turn on a Proform elliptical.

All you need to do is plug in the power cord into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and earthed in accordance, turn the power switch button into a reset position, and then you should be able to start using the elliptical machine without  any issues.

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