How To Turn On Sole F80 Treadmill?

Sole Fitness is one of the most popular fitness brands in North America, well-known for building quality treadmills. 

If you have never used a Sole F80 treadmill before, chances are you don’t know how to operate it.

Well, the process is so easy and only takes less than a minute.  

Follow this step by step guide on how to turn on Sole F80 treadmill and safely use it for the first time.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

How To Turn On Sole F80 Treadmill? – Step by Step Guide

Sole f80 treadmill picture from my home gym set up

The first step to turn on the Sole F80 tread is to,

1. Plug in the power cord

Before committing this step it’s worth mentioning that this product must be grounded. 

If it should malfunction or break down, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current, reducing the risk of electric shock.

Plug the power supply into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded accordingly.

2. Turn on the power button 

The next step is to turn on your Sole F80 tread by pressing the power switch located at the front of the treadmill below the motor hood.

When the power is turned on, all the lights on the display will light for a short time. Then the Time and Distance windows will display Odometer readings for a short time. 

3. Attach the safety key into place

Before you can start using your F80 tread, make sure your Safety key is fully inserted into the safety key port as it is necessary to turn on the tread. 

The key usually has a clip that allows you to attach the key to your activewear during the workout for safety purposes. 

If the safety key is detached, the treadmill will stop immediately.

4. Start walking/running

Do not start the tread before stepping onto the running surface. Step onto it from the rear, using handrails for balance. Avoid leaning in and putting your full weight on the handrails.

Sole treadmill picture from my home gym set up

Press and release the Start Button to wake the tread (if not already on) and begin the belt movement at 5MPH.

You adjust the tread to the desired speed using the Fast / Slow keys. You may also use the rapid speed keys 2 through 12 to adjust the speed.

Sole F80 Bluetooth Pairing

Sole fitness machine comes equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver that will allow it to interact with selected phones or tablet computers via the Sole Fitness App.

The Software App syncs with your fitness machine to track total calories burned, time, distance, and more. Records and stores every workout for quick reference. Plus, it automatically syncs your workout data with one of many fitness cloud sites we support: iHealth, MapMyFitness, Record, MyFitnessPal or Fitbit.

Here is how to sync your smart compatible device to Sole F80 tread:

  1. Download the free Sole Fitness App on your smart device. The software app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  2. After downloading the App, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device, then click the icon in the top left corner to search for Sole equipment. This will locate available SOLE Fitness machines and display the model number for you to choose for connection.
  3. After the equipment is detected, click Connect.
  4. Once you hear the machine’s console beep, your device and the machine are linked, and the Bluetooth icon on the equipment’s console will light up.

How To Use sole f80 Heart Rate Monitor?

Monitoring your Heart Rate is one of the best procedures to control the intensity of your exercise.

Heart rate chest strap

The Console reads the telemetry HR signals from the Heart Rate Chest Strap Transmitter that operates in the 4.5kHz – 5.5kHz range.

To put on chest strap:

  1. Secure the strap around your chest just below the chest muscles as tightly as possible as long as the strap is not too tight to remain comfortable.
  2. Position the transmitter with the Sole logo centered in the middle of your body facing away from your chest (some people must position the transmitter slightly left of center).
  3. Attach the final end of the elastic strap by inserting the round end and, using the locking parts, secure the transmitter and strap around your chest.
  4. Position the transmitter immediately below the pectoral muscles.

The transmitter will send your heart rate to the machine’s receiver and display your estimated Beats Per Minute (BPM).

Sole treadmill picture from my home gym set up

Pulse grip heart rate sensors

Sole tread Pulse Grip Heart Rate sensors send your heart rate signals to the Console. The Pulse grip sensors are the stainless steel parts of the Handlebars.

To use, place your hands comfortably on the metal sensors located on the grips. Be careful not to place too much pressure on the grip, as this could make the pulse reading inaccurate.

After six or seven heartbeats, your pulse will be displayed in the heart-rate window.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a number of steps to take in order to safely turn on Sole F80 Treadmill and start using it for the first time.

You just need to follow these basic rules, and in just a couple of minutes, you can start using it:

  1. Plug the power cord properly into your treadmill.
  2. Make sure you have your Safety key in place.
  3. Select your parameters.
  4. Walk, jog, or run at your desired pace.
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