How To Turn On Technogym Rowing Machine?

The Technogym rowing machine is a perfect machine for home use. 

It offers you a full-body workout and the sensation of rowing in the water due to the Aquafeel technology which strives for gradual resistance to promote fluid movement.

However, after you finally get the Technogym rowing machine at your home gym set up, you may be wondering how to turn on Technogym rowing machine?

Well, you are in the right place.

Today we are making a step by step guide on how to successfully and safely turn on the Technogym rowing machine and get started using it. As well as guides on how to pair this machine to your devices.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

technogym rowing machine picture from my home gym

The Technogym rowing machine is a self-powered machine, there is no external power source needed in order to power on the machine.

It contains a battery that charges while an exercise is performed.

However, you still can use an external power supply if you don’t want to use the batteries, but you need to purchase it individually directly from Technogym.

The first step to turn on the Technogym rowing machine is to,

1. Turn On Technogym Display

To turn on the display, simply start rowing for a few seconds. This way the display will turn on and the console will be ready for use..

If the display doesn’t turn on or if it turns off immediately while exercising, either the speed or the intensity is too low.

Try to increase the speed or the intensity of the movement.

2. Adjust The Console Viewing Angle

In order to have the most comfortable and satisfying workout experience, you need to adjust the console to the desired viewing angle.

Here is how you can adjust the Technogym console angle: 

  1. Loosen the knob in the upright. 
  2. Move the neck to the desired angle. 
  3. And then tighten the knob.

3. Adjust The Heel Pads

Another step to go through before jumping into the machine.

To adjust the Technogym heel pads, you need to:

  1. Sit on the seat and place your feet in the foot pads. 
  2. Press the footrest bracket, slide the heel pad to the desired position
  3. Next , tighten the strap over your foot. 
  4. Adjust the other heel pad in the same way, and make sure you adjust both heel pads to the same position.

4. Start Rowing 

fit man in a white tank working out on a rowing machine

Before you start rowing, turn the resistance knob to adjust the quantity of intake air, which will have an impact on the sensation of the rowing, not the intensity.

The rowing intensity depends on the exercise itself. The stronger and harder you pull, the more resistance you perceive.

Now the Technogym rowing machine is ready for use.

To get started rowing on the machine, bend your knees to bring your glutei “buttocks” closer to your heels. Your lower leg must be as vertical as possible.

Keep your chest bent forwards and grasp the grip with both hands, arms fully extended along with straight back.

There are three phases the correct rowing form consists of.

 1. The first phase is the CATCH.

This is when you slide the seat forward until your knees are almost touching your chest

2. The second phase is the DRIVE. 

The pushing backward movement with your legs. But try to lean back slightly at the hips (not at the waist), keeping your back straight. 

As you straighten your legs, pull the row bar toward your chest, and keep your elbows outward.

3. The third phase is the FINISH

This is the last phase where your legs should be nearly straight. Try to continue pulling the row bar until your hands are even with your chest. 

After this phase, extend your arms forward and pull the seat forward using your legs.  

Try to repeat this sequence, moving through all three phases with a smooth, fluid motion. Remember to breathe normally as you row, never hold your breath. 

How To Fold Technogym Rower?

Move into folded position 

This is how to fold and store Technogym rower: 

  1. First slide the seat to the rear of the rail . 
  2. Press the monitor all the way down. 
  3. Hold and lift the frame handle and the rail handle, and tip the rower forward onto the shields and the storage feet. 
  4. Pull the rail handle inward until the folding clamp engages the bar on the stabilizer.

Move into unfolded position

To unfold the Technogym rowing machine:

  1. Place your foot on a stabilizer foot and pull the rail handle outward to disengage the folding clamp.
  2. Hold the rail handle and the frame handle, then pull the rail handle outward, and lower the machine rail to the floor. 

Make sure you are not holding or pulling on the console when moving the rower. 

Button Line

The Technogym rowing machine is one of the best rowing machine for heavy person on the market today.

As you can see, it is an easy process to go through in order to safely and successfully turn on a Technogym rower.

All you need to do is to turn on the display, set and adjust the machine parts to fit your needs, and then you should be able to start rowing using this machine without  any issues.

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