Maxkare Rowing Machine Display Not Working

Maxkare rowing machines are one of the top choices when it comes to at home cardio machines.

They offer a great value for money and tend to provide a fantastic rowing experience for individual users.

If your Maxkare rowing machine display not working or the display readout is growing dim, then let’s review the most proven troubleshooting steps you should follow to safely and successfully fix this issue.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Why Your Maxkare Rowing Machine Display Is Not Working?

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The digital monitor is an important part of exercising on your Maxkare rower.

While the machine still works even when its screen doesn’t, a workable monitor is still needed so users can select their workout programs or track metrics like time, distance or estimated calories burned.

Most Maxkare rowing machine console problems are the result of low batteries.

Maxkare Rowing Machine Display Not Working – Troubleshooting Guides

The first to troubleshoot your Maxkare rower is to replace the display monitor batteries to see if it fixes the issue

1. Replace the monitor batteries  

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A Maxkare rowing machine monitor requires two AA batteries. Alkaline batteries are also recommended to use.

Try not to use old and new batteries together or alkaline, standard, and rechargeable batteries together. 

If the Console has been exposed to cold temperatures, allow it to warm to room temperature before you insert batteries. Otherwise, you may damage the console displays or other electronic components. 

Start off the battery replacement process by lifting out the Maxkare monitor, then remove and discard the old batteries from the battery compartment.

Replace both of the batteries, and make sure they are facing the right direction and that the connections are clean, free of damage.

Finally push the complete monitor into place in the top of the Monitor Console.

2. Check the Sensor wire

The next step is to check and remake the connections between the Trunk wire and Sensor wire.

You need to unscrew and detach Maxkare rower sliding rail from the frame and check that the wire that comes from the computer is properly connected to the wires that comes from within the frame.

With the sensor wire now accessible, check their connections and pins.

These pins sit inside the plastic casing that connects the sensor wire to the Trunk wire. You need to make sure none of the pins have been broken or bent. 

If a bent pin is found, carefully bend it back into place.

Identify and check any pinch points the wire may have. Pinch points are any place the wire moves between two parts. 

If this wire is damaged anywhere, you may want to replace it.

If no damage was found, reconnect the sensor wire to the console wire back together, reattach the sliding rail to the frame back and check if the display works now.

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3. Reset The Monitor

If your Maxkare rowing machine monitor does not boot up properly, or if the console freezes. A factory reset to the factory default settings might be your solution.

Doing this will erase all custom settings you have made to the console. 

Resetting the console requires you to remove one of the Monitor’s AA Batteries and wait for 30 seconds.

Next, refit the Battery back while holding down the Reset Button. After that the console will reset and back to the default settings.

Final Tip

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If none of the above fixes work, then your console is probably damaged and needs to be replaced. 


It can be quite frustrating when your rower display console stops operating properly as it should be.

After this article you will be willing to know the reason why your Maxkare rowing machine display not working and the necessary troubleshooting steps to take in order to safely and successfully resolve this issue.

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