NordicTrack 130 Elliptical Battery Replacement

The NordicTrack 130 is a compact and affordable elliptical. It is designed for those who want to get a low-impact workout while still being able to work on other things.

If your NordicTrack 130 elliptical console batteries are dead and wondering how to replace them, you are in the right place.

In this guide we will show you exactly how to safely and successfully go through your NordicTrack 130 elliptical battery replacement process with brand new ones.

NordicTrack 130 Elliptical Battery Replacement – Step by Step Guide

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Nordictrack 130 elliptical console requires four 1.5V D batteries. Alkaline batteries are recommended, as they typically last for a longer time in electronic equipment such as the elliptical console.

The first step is to turn off the NordicTrack elliptical and ensure the power cord is unplugged from the outlet.

Second, press the two tabs on the battery cover, and remove the battery cover. 

Third, disconnect and remove the old batteries.

Fourth, connect and install the new batteries into the console following all safety precautions.

Make sure that the batteries are oriented as shown by the diagrams inside of the battery compartments. Then, reattach the battery cover to the Console.

And lastly, turn on your NordicTrack elliptical and test the elliptical by running on it for a few moments before use to make sure everything is working properly.

Why Do You Need To Replace Your NordicTrack 130 Elliptical Machine battery?

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There are two main reasons why your NordicTrack 130 Elliptical machine battery should be replaced. 

The first one is when your NordicTrack elliptical console not working. This is a sign that the battery needs to be replaced because it’s not generating enough power to power the machine. 

The second reason is when you notice that your NordicTrack elliptical resistance is not working, which means that there’s a problem with one of the wires that go from the console to the resistance motor.

How Often Should You Replace NordicTrack 130 Batteries?

Batteries are one of the most critical components of an elliptical. If a battery is not charged, the elliptical will not work as it is supposed to do. The life of a battery depends on the quality and type of battery that is being used ( Alkaline batteries are highly recommended by NordicTrack manufacturers ).

The frequency with which you need to replace your elliptical battery will depend on how often you use it and what type of battery it has.

NordicTrack 130 Elliptical Battery Replacement Warnings

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You need to allow the elliptical to return to an appropriate temperature before replacing the batteries if it has been exposed to cold conditions. If this isn’t done, then the console display may become damaged.

When it comes to the power that is needed for your elliptical console, you need to make sure that you are using the type of battery that is most suitable for the power needs of your NordicTrack 130 elliptical machine.

In this case it is highly recommended to use alkaline batteries on your NordicTrack 130 elliptical console, as these will give better performance and last longer.

Make sure you follow the battery installation instructions to put batteries in the correct orientation or your elliptical console won’t function.


NordicTrack 130 is an elliptical machine designed to minimize the impact on your knees and ankles during cardio exercise.

The Nordictrack 130 elliptical battery replacement process is fairly simple. Just follow the instructions above and your elliptical trainer will be set to go.

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