Precor Elliptical Ceiling Height

Before buying a Precor elliptical trainer, most likely you are wondering how much ceiling height is needed for this machine.

Well, today’s article is going to show you how much Precor elliptical ceiling height is required in order to safely and comfortably start exercising on this cross trainer.

How To Measure Precor Ceiling Height?

precor elliptical machine picture from my home gym

To determine the Precor elliptical ceiling height required, add a minimum of 20 inches onto your own height to provide proper ceiling clearance.

Your height + 20 inches minimum = Ceiling height required. 

For instance, a 6 foot person will comfortably use a Precor Elliptical with a 7 foot ceiling height.

However, if you are more than 6 feet tall, carefully measure how much is added to your height and compare that figure to your ceiling height. 

You should also keep at least 4 to 6 inches between the ceiling and the top of your head when you stand at the highest point of the elliptical motion.

Precor Elliptical Step Up Height

Most Precor ellipticals have a step-up height between 8-17″. 17” at full incline and 8” at lowest incline

In order to determine the lowest safe ceiling height, add this 17 inches to the height of the tallest user of the machine.

This 17 estimate will include the step-up height only. You should opt for an additional 6 inches as a safety buffer.

Precor elliptical step up height + Tallest user height + 6 inches = Minimum ceiling height. 

nordictrack elliptical machine picture from my home gym

How Much Clearance Do You Need For a Precor Elliptical?

A Precor elliptical is a type of exercise equipment that helps you to lose weight, increase your cardiovascular health and improve your overall fitness.

The clearance needed for this type of equipment depends on the size of the individual. 

The following guidelines can help you determine how much clearance you need:

Generally, a person who is 5 foot 8 inches or shorter will need at least 3 feet in front of them and 8 inches to the side. While a person who is 6 feet tall will need 4 feet in front of them and 12 inches to the side. 

The amount of space needed for your body to pass by may vary depending on factors such as the type of equipment and the size of the machine.

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