7 Best Rowing Machines Under $500

Rowing is one of the most popular and widely used sports for fitness. It involves propelling a boat using a rowing motion.

By recruiting both your upper and lower body, this efficient piece of equipment can work up to 86% of your entire muscles with each stroke, helping you build both your muscular and cardiovascular systems in a single sitting.

Assuming you have $500 to spare, here are the best rowing machines under $500. We made our product picks based on the features, durability, customer reviews, and of course the price tags.

We have also dedicated an entire guiding section of the features and things you should be on the lookout for to take your home workouts and your weight loss journey to the next level.

What Are The Best Rowing Machines Under $500?

1. The Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge

The Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge is one of the most aesthetically appealing commercial rowing machines in the $500 range. 

As the name may or may not suggest, this is a water rower with a flywheel and 16 fan blades. It has a black glossy finish with silver accents and a very sleek looking design. 

It has transport rubber wheels, which is a nice addition if you have a small apartment. You can easily move it around from one room to the other without feeling the 92-pounds.

This rowing machine gives you the advantage of having unlimited resistance as the faster the fan blades spin– the faster you row– the higher resistance and dynamic response caused by the harmonious interaction with the water.

The seat is very comfortable and the machine is very stable once you figure out the correct ergometer setting. It also allows you to control your music while working out. 

The surge comes with a monitor that you can use to track your progress, set alarms and other functions. 

It has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds and can run for up to an hour on one charge. It is very quiet while you are using it so you don’t disturb your neighbors with a noisy rowing machine.

2. Marcy Foldable Magnetic Rower

The Marcy Foldable magnetic rower is very popular because it is foldable and can be stored in a small space. It also comes with two built-in transport wheels that allow easy moving and storage when you’re not using the machine.

With a stroke rate of 4 to 5.5 Strokes Per Second and a maximum resistance of 6.25, the Marcy rower provides an absolutely low-impact exercise equipment

Marcy rower comes with a monitor that shows your stats, and you can track your progress. The rower also has an iPod dock and speakers, so you can play your music during your workout, or you can plug in your earbuds to workout without disturbing anyone around you. When folded, the rower takes up very little space, making it a great addition to your home gym. The resistance on this rower also can be adjusted to EIGHT PRESET LEVELS of magnetic resistance to suit different levels of workout intensity, so you can adjust it while you row to make it more challenging, or row it less to make it easier.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine is one of our best picks under $500. This rower is a sleek and foldable rower that offers eight levels of magnetic resistance you can change with a simple turn of a dial.

This machine offers 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance with its built-in transportation wheels that allow for effortless transport from one room to the next.

The large LCD console displays your pace, distance, and time. you can find the perfect setting for your fitness level.

This machine comes with a high-quality magnetic resistance system that provides you with a smooth and stable workout.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Rower has an ergonomic design that allows you to sit comfortably and get the most out of your workouts.

The extra long slide rail makes it easier to take on those high intensity interval training workouts. Moreover, This rower also features anti-slip handlebars that will keep your hands from slipping off during the most intense rowing sessions.

4. Xterra Fitness ERG220 Magnetic Rower

The Xterra Fitness ERG220 Magnetic Rower is one of the best options when it comes to rowing machines under 500 bucks. 

This rower has a very sleek and compact design, which makes it a great addition to any home gym. It is also one of the most durable rowers in the list. It also has a very quiet operation, meaning you can use it whenever it is quiet in the house.

The ergometer has 8 levels of magnetic resistance, and you can adjust it according to your level of intensity. 

The Xterra ERG220 comes with a large 3.5 inches LCD monitor that shows your stats and a USB port, so you can plug in your phone to play your music while you row. 

The electronic console also allows you to track your progress and set your workout goals. 

This rowing machine supports a maximum user weight of 300 pounds and can work out for up to 1 hour on a single charge. 

It has an on-board fan and water bottle holder, so you can keep yourself hydrated while you row.


If you are looking for the best rowing machine under $500, the STAMINA X Magnetic ROWER is one of the best options. It has a very sleek and compact design, which makes it a great addition to any home gym.

The STAMINA is a great option for folks who are aiming for a total-body cardiovascular workout equipment without spending a fortune.

The ergometer has eight levels of magnetic resistance. You can easily adjust it according to your level of intensity with a simple tension dial and get the challenge you desire. 

Moreover, you can easily track your workout using the multifunction monitor that is extremely simple and easy to read. It does provide most of the metrics you’d want- speed, distance, time and calories burned. 

When you’re finished, just wheel the rower to the nearest closet or corner and stand the rowing machine on its end up against a wall.

6. The JOROTO Magnetic Rower

With 10 levels of adjustable magnetic resistanceThe JOROTO Rowing Machine will fit for the different workout plans for beginner or experts.

This rower features an adjustable non-slip pedals, which makes it a great fit for different feet sizes to provide the most efficient use.

The digital monitor can be adjusted to the most comfortable angle to read the display for the users with different heights. You can use it to keep track over timecount, total count, and calories data to keep you motivated and on pace.

The JOROTO rowing machine also comes with a phone holder on the monitor, the user can watch workout class or movies while doing rowing workout.

7. SNODE WR100 Rowing Machine 

The SNODE WR100 Rowing Machine is perfect for the home user, or even those who want to take their workouts outside. This rowing machine features a 16-fan water resistance design with a sturdy iron frame

It also comes with an adjustable LCD monitor that lets you keep track of your progress in real time.

The rower has a Water Rowing Stroke Rate of 8, which means it is a low-impact workout that is great for beginners. This rowing machine is capable of supporting up to 331 lbs and can work out for up to 1 hour on a single charge. 

Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Rowing Machines Under $500?

an overweight women in a white tank learning how to row

A price-friendly rowing machine is one that needs to check boxes on more than two of the following features.


It is better to choose a rower machine with a longer warranty range. Even if you come across some product defects, you can rest assured to get a free replacement for the broken part.

Affordable workout machines aren’t usually as durable as the more expensive models, that’s why you see most of the price-friendly options have lower or no warranty time with them.

Even so, some brands offer better warranties than others, like Sunny Health & Fitness offers a 3-year warranty which is a great indicator of the machine reliability. 

Type Of Resistance

rowing machine resistance knob

Within a $500 price range, you literally get a ton of different rowing machine resistance type to chose from.

The most common feature that can increase or decrease the price range is the resistance type of the machine.

The hydraulic rowers are usually the most affordable. Next comes the magnetic.

The air and water rowers tend to be a bit more expensive, but there are still plenty that fall well under $500 like Sunny Obsidian Surge.

Weight Capacity & Frame Height

trainer positioning his foots on a rowing machines pedals

Most of the rowing devices on our list have a maximum user weight of around 250 to 300 lbs.

When looking for a rowing machine to add into your gym set up, opt for a high weight limits option especially if you are intending to use them intensely and more frequently to make sure the machine is going to last longer with you.

The seat rail length is another feature to be on the lookout for, especially if you are a tall person. This will ensure you get the best rowing experience without worrying about falling off the machine mid-set.

Final Thoughts

For this article, we specifically looked for rowers under the $500 price range. We simply tried to prove that you still can get great home fitness equipment without spending a fortune on it.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge machine is our top pick and what we recommend to anyone who is opting for a compact rowing machine that is easy to maintain and quiet when using.


What type of rowing machine is best for home use?

Magnetic rowing machines are one of the most popular types of rowing machines for use at home. 

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