Sole E95 Elliptical Assembly

The number one thing you must be looking for after your brand new Sole E95 elliptical has just arrived, or after you disassemble a Sole E95 elliptical to move it into your new place, is how to assemble this elliptical together.

Well, let’s jump into today’s step by step guide on Sole E95 Elliptical Assembly. As well as what tools to make sure you have before you start the assembling process.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Tools Needed To Assemble a Sole E95 Elliptical

sole e95 elliptical machine picture from my garage gym

The first step before you start the elliptical assembling process is to gather all the necessary tools.

You don’t want to go through with one step, then realize that something is lacking.

In order to assemble a Sole E95 Elliptical machine, you are going to need the following tools:

  • Phillips head screwdriver.
  • 6MM Allen Wrenches.
  • Hammer.
  • Pliers.
  • Box Cutter.
  • Socket.

In addition to the required tool, a second person to assist you through the assembling process is also going to be necessary here.

The assembling process is definitely a two-person job, so make sure you have a friend or your partner as an assistance in order to safely and successfully put the machine together.

Sole E95 Elliptical Assembly – Step By Step Guide

Before you start the E95 assembling process, select the area where you are going to set up and operate your machine. The location must be on a hard, level surface.

sole fitness e25 elliptical machine

Also be sure that the workout space you are utilizing has adequate height clearance, taking into consideration the height of the user and the maximum incline of the elliptical machine fully engaged.

Step 1: Install The Incline Rail

First you need to install the Incline Rail Assembly into the U-channel bracket of the Main Frame.

Then, from the sides install two Hex Head Bolts with two Flat Washers and two Nylon Nuts. From the top install four Hex Head Bolts, four Split Washers, four Flat Washers and four Star Washers, and tighten with Wrenches.

Next, connect the 3 wire harness to the female receiver cable coming from the Incline rail assembly. Connect the Three pin position Sensor connector to the female receiver coming from the Incline rail assembly.

Step 2 : Install the Console Mast

Locate the Console Mast and Console Mast Cover and slide the Cover onto the Mast as far as it will go. Make sure the Console Mast Cover is facing the correct way.

At the top opening of the Main Frame of the elliptical is a computer cable. You want to secure the free end of the twist tie that exits the bottom of the console mast to this cable.

Pull the opposite end of this twist tie up through the console mast until the cable exits the top.

Next, install the Console Mast into the receiving bracket on the top of the Main Frame. Pull slightly on the computer cable at the top of the mast while installing. This will ensure the cable does not get pinched and shorted during console mast assembly.

Put one Split Washer onto the Long Hex Head Bolt and install through the left side of the receiving bracket into the Console Mast.

Put the two Curved Washers onto the two Short Hex Head Bolts and install through the front of the console mast.

Finally, plug all of the connectors into the back of the console: Computer Cable, Two Hand Pulse cables, Incline switch cable, and Resistance switch cable.

Then, secure the Console on the console mounting plate with four M5x10mm Phillips Head Screws.

Step 3 : Install the Lower Handlebar Arms

Install two Wave Washers onto the Left and Right sides of the Handle Bar axles.

Next, slide the Left and Right Lower Handle Bar arms onto the appropriate side of the axle.

The Lower handlebars have a small sticker on them indicating L (left) and R (right). Make sure they are facing the correct direction.

Place two Flat Washers onto the two Hex Head Bolts and attach and tighten in the threaded holes at the end of the axles.

Last but not least, install the Front Handle Bar Covers over the Handle Bar axle connections with the six screws.

Step 4 : Install the Upper Handlebar Arms

Untie the wire holding the Sleeve Spacer in place on the rod-end of the Connecting Arms.

Next, align the hole in the rod ends with the hole in the brackets of the left and right Handle Bar.

The end of the connecting arms should be positioned on the inside of the Handle Bar bracket. Secure them with a Hex Head bolt, Flat Washer and Nylon Nut by using the Wrenches provided.

sole-fitness-e35 elliptical machine from my home gym setup

Step 5 : Attach the Plastic Parts

Match up the console covers and secure them with three Phillips head screws and two sheet metal screws.

Match up the Connecting Arm Covers and install onto the Left and Right Connecting Arms and secure each side with one Sheet Metal Screw and two Phillips head screws by using the Short Phillips Head Screw Driver.

Make sure these covers are positioned in relation to the arrow on each sticker.

Install the Sliding Wheel Covers on each side and secure with four Phillips Head Screws.

Then, install the two middle Stabilizer Covers and on the middle stabilizer bar with Phillips Head Screws.

Install the Front Stabilizer Cover on the front stabilizer with two Phillips Head Screws.

Next, install the two incline Cover brackets, with the hole for mounting the plastic cover on the bent tab facing rearward, and secure them on the Incline Rail Assembly with four Phillips Head Screws.

Install the Rear Incline Bar Cover on the rail base with two Screws.

Install the Rear Stabilizer Cover on the Rear Stabilizer with four Phillips Head Screws.

Match up the console covers and secure with three Phillips head screws and two Sheet metal screws. Tighten the Sheet metal screws 1st.

After you finish with the assembling process. Make sure that all parts are properly tightened before you use the elliptical.

Finally, plug in then turn on Sole elliptical. Elevate the incline to Level 8 and install the incline Rail Front Cover up against the Middle Stabilizer tube with four Phillips Head Screws.


The assembling process of a Sole E95 elliptical is not complicated, but it does require some time and patience.

It usually takes 60-to-90 minutes to assemble the E95 elliptical machine.

The process has been broken down into easy to follow steps in order to safely and successfully start using your Sole cross trainer.

Step 1: Install the Incline Rail

Step 2: Install the Console Mast

Step 3: Install the Handlebars

Step 4: Install the Connecting Arms

Step 5: Attach the Plastic Parts

Make sure to lubricate Sole elliptical machine moving parts to get things running smoothly.

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