Waterrower S4 Monitor Replacement

A rowing machine display monitor is an electronic device that gives the user feedback on their workout such as speed, distance traveled, calories burned and heart rate.

If your Water rower monitor not working or you want to get a brand new one with more features, then let’s jump into today’s guide on Waterrower S4 monitor replacement.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Reasons Why To Replace Waterrower Display Monitor

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There are many reasons why you would want to replace your rower console. The major reason is if your display monitor is defective or broken.

The other reason is if your current performance monitor does not have all of the features you want and only has a very basic display screen, then upgrading it to the latest Series 4 Monitor is the best thing to do.

Waterrower S4 Monitor Replacement – Step By Step Guide

The process of replacing a Waterrower rowing machine monitor is not complicated and it will not take much time.

The following steps can be applied to most of Waterrower models. However, make sure to refer to your owner manual for more exact steps.

1. Remove the Footboard

Take the handle and walk it towards the most forward position. Then unscrew and remove the handle rest bolts.

Once the handle rest bolts are removed, pivot back the Footboard.

2. Remove the top tank

Water A1 rowing machine folded u against a grey background

Start by lifting off the metal cover to expose the top tank.

Using an Allen Key, remove the top tank bolts from the top and the front of the machine. Then remove top tank from the Waterrower and detach the sensor from the monitor wire.

3. Remove the old monitor

Using an Allen Key, remove the bolts from the right bracket that contains the Waterrower monitor, the remove it from the frame.

Remove the R-Clip from the old monitor, black washer, spring and monitor from the right key bracket. Be careful of the spring which will release when the R-Clip is removed.

4. Install the new monitor

Insert the new monitor into the right key bracket, followed by the spring, washer, and then R-Clip. You may need to pivot the monitor to get the R-Clip through.

5. Reassemble the Waterrower back

Replace and attach the right bracket onto the button deck of the Waterrower. Make certain to reattach the sensor ending to the monitor wire.

Next, replace and attach the top tank and the tank cover carefully.

Last but not least, pivot the Footboard forward, then attach and fully tighten the handle rest bolts.


Today’s guide will walk you through Watterrower S4 monitor replacement process.

The process is broken down into easy to follow steps in order to safely and successfully start using your Proform cross trainer.

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