Where To Find Model Number On Proform Elliptical?

Proform ellipticals are one of the most popular choices for home cardio machines. 

In order to register your Proform elliptical, heaving the model number and the version number of your machine is necessary.

In today’s article, we are going to show you where to find model number on Proform elliptical, as well as the version number.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Where To Find Model Number On Proform Elliptical?

proform elliptical machine in my home gym setup

The Proform model number can be found on the serial number decal of your machine, and can also be found on the original box of the machine.

To find the location of the model number decal on your Proform elliptical, check the front cover of your owner’s manual.

If you no longer have access to the manual, then you have to follow through the following guide to locate the model number sticker on your Proform machine.

The Proform model number and serial number decal can be found in one of these places on your machine,

It may be on the main bracket on a white or a silver sticker at the rear of the elliptical machine.

It can be on a white or a silver sticker on the main frame under the left pedal arm.

Lastly, you can locate it on the bottom of the ramp assembly under the pedal arms.

Where To Find Version Number On Proform Elliptical?

After you locate your Proform model number, finding the version number can be quite easy.

The Proform version number is the number after the period at the end of the model number. 

For example: “Model No. LREE 29405.1” the version number would be 1.

You can find it on the front cover of your user’s manual. 

Why Do You Need Your Proform Elliptical Model Number?

proform elliptical machine picture from my garage gym

Customer Service

One of the first questions the Proform customer service staff will ask is your product serial number. 

This helps the advisor identify your machine, which allows him to give you a clear and specific reply to your query.

The Proform model or serial number also helps with the troubleshooting process or any general queries.

Proform Registration

Proform elliptical trainers come equipped with a one year warranty as standard. 

In order to register your Proform product, you need to have the serial number before heading to my.Proform.com to activate the warranty.

You can’t go through this step if you don’t know where to find the model number on your Proform machine. 

Also make sure to register your brand new machine within 28 days of purchase, otherwise the warranty is no longer valid. 

Repairing Your Machine

If you do have a problem using your machine such as your Proform Elliptical console not working, or your Proform elliptical resistance not working, calling technical support will require you to provide your machine serial number so they can easily identify the particular model.

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